The Design Lab Workshop

Thank you to The Design Lab’s Kevin Davies, Marina Jones & Gaby Frylinck for hosting the stimulating and fun interactive workshop at our first in-person meeting since May. The workshop focussed on websites, good & bad user experiences and the interactive session involved defining personas for acumen7 with a view to driving more traffic to our website. 

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What did acumen7 do for me?

Mark Bew is a longstanding member of acumen7 and CEO of Cohesive, an international digital integrator delivering transformational outcomes across the built and natural environment.

Mark gave us a fascinating presentation about the advantages of being a member of acumen7, how that has helped him on his journey from running his own business to the merger with Cohesive, which has developed the first truly integrated approach for the management of critical assets and services.

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An update on Opiner

acumen7 were delighted to welcome back Steve Molesworth of Opiner, who gave an update on developments over the last two years. Opiner is a novel video insight platform, that puts people front and centre in creative endeavours. It challenges the status quo and inspires others to think big by seeing things through other’s eyes. Opiner offers engagement with bespoke communities for every project and can evidence a strategy for continuous learning.

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Disruptive Technology Update

At acumen7’s February meeting, Darya Bahram shared a fascinating insight from a PwC survey revealing 69% of CEOs agree that emerging technologies will disrupt their business over the next few years. Darya, Secretary General of the Association of Consultant Architects, then gave the assembled members an enlightening overview of just what that will entail, covering Building Information Modelling (BIM), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Blockchain, Smart Contracts, FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech. The advantages of this automation include higher accuracy, uniform quality, increased productivity, reduced costs and the ability to avoid potential risks.

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21st century infrastructure

Simon Murray, a founding member of acumen7, and a private consultant and Non-Executive Director of East West Rail Ltd, spoke about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as we invest in 21st century infrastructure. He illustrated the changes to the ways in which government and the private sector will need to work together to ensure the UK gains maximum possible benefit from the investments. Infrastructure is becoming integrated, giving opportunities for the future, however Simon queried whether there is a more effective method of transforming infrastructure for it to be fit for the challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

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Transforming construction

Sam Stacey, Challenge Director – Transforming Construction, gave a detailed overview of the UKRI’s plans to lead transformation at scale to acumen7 members. With a £170 million research and innovation investment, matched by £250 million from industry, the ambition is to create new construction processes and techniques for building manufacture in the UK. Sam gave an overview of the defined value and platform approach, proven platform methods and shifted public procurement, a laid out in the Government’s Construction Playbook published in December 2020.

For more information on the UKRI, visit: UKRI – UK Research and Innovation