Preservation of embodied carbon in the built environment

Some fascinating insights from acumen7 Member and MD of C-Probe Systems Graeme Jones, including the fact that 70% of infrastructure damage is due to corrosion, with the tragedies of the condo collapse in Florida and the bridge in Genoa two stark examples of why the issue can’t be ignored. C-Probe has the technology to automate, streamline and improve the way we buy and warrant, build and manage buildings and infrastructure on a low carbon, sustainable basis. It’s time to think differently in terms of decarbonisation for whole life by repurposing industrial wastes, securing embodied carbon and ensuring sustainability with futureproofing.

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Carbon neutral: What does it mean for all of us?

acumen7 member Peter Dixon gave a comprehensive overview of what carbon neutral actually means for all of us. Peter covered the fact that much work done already in Government bodies, but that it is a monumental project and change process, and we are only at the very start. Peter explained that there is limited business and public understanding of the unintended consequences.  The work done appears to be at the ‘expert’ level so far, although companies are making plans and/or developments in many areas, for example electric vehicles. Peter then led a discussion on what the acumen7 network could do support progress in this important environmental area.