An overview of the Croatia project

acumen7’s March meeting had a true member focus. First up were Robert Williams, Robert Osborne, John Pilkington and Andrew Joss (and in spirit Donnie MacNicol). They showcased their teamwork from the last few years while they have been supporting the government of a developing EU country with its strategic investment planning. They shared their experience of working together as members of the acumen7 network, and highlighted reflections and things to think about when considering future assignments. They also sought input on ways the work might be utilised and leveraged for the benefit of the whole network.


Associate Member introductions: Meg Reed & Danish Mishra

The second session at acumen7’s January meeting was an opportunity to find out more about the network’s two newly appointed Associate Members.

Meg Reed is the Client Development Manager – Construction at Wilson James. Meg is a specialist in logistics, operations, construction, development, and real estate project and portfolio management. She is passionate about sustainability, innovative logistics and challenging the status quo.

For more information on Wilson James, visit:

Danish Mishra is Head of Analytics & Senior Consultant at Complete. Having started out in rocket science, he now helps organisations build competitive advantage. Danish specialises in how knowledge – specifically tacit knowledge – flows through networks, whether they are human, social or computer networks, and its implications for organisations and complex systems.

For more information on Complete Coherence, visit:

The rise of the employee-centric business model

Michael Moran, CEO and Founder of 10Eighty, a pioneering consultancy focused on ROI and demonstrable improvements in organisational and people performance, presented at The Future of Work Seminar. Michael explored emerging and changing attitudes and values, and what these mean for future, more human-focused leaders. He also spoke about the death of scientific management, the rise of the employee centric business model, and the correlation between employee engagement, customer satisfaction, profitability and shareholder value.

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An introduction to people analytics

acumen7’s second session segued neatly from data analytics into people analytics. Dave Millner – aka the HR Curator – has a real passion for the transformation of HR functions. Dave spoke about the need for a more commercially focused response to client demands, and the role that analytics and new ways of thinking can help to change the perceptions of HR. Dave’s vision is to ensure HR teams fulfil the promise of being a commercially driven function adding true bottom line value to an organisation.

To share his expertise, Dave has co-authored the book: Introduction to People Analytics – A Practical Guide to Data-driven HR.

You can find out more about Dave at:

Are you ready for exponential change?

A fascinating session featured acumen7 member Louisa Pavis. Louisa, COO and Head of Advisory at Apater Capital, Director of a Residents’ Company, NED for an Automation Consultancy and freelance Executive Coach, posed the question: “Are you ready for exponential change?” A fact-packed presentation covered areas such as trends set to impact business growth, the 9 game-changers, skills for the future and technology/humanity in the next 10 years. Louisa stated that the human element needs to come through strongly, to complement the rise of computer learning and AI. The opportunities to change the world are bigger than ever before.

Louisa is an accredited and published transformation and change expert who exploits digital and data insights to unlock human potential. A two-decade career has been spent analysing, innovating, creating, experimenting and doing, so people can be at their best. Having started as a graduate with a big four technology consultancy, Louisa most recently took up the COO and Head of Advisory role with Apater Capital, to accelerate fourth industrial revolution start-ups in digital, social media, pharma, retail, logistics, consumer products and esports. After success as Strategy and Change Director with the world’s largest bank where she improved employee engagement across Global Market Operations, positively disrupting c.3,000 employees’ experience and changed the future of work, Louisa founded SBD Transform in 2019. SBD Transform continues to deliver reimagined workspaces. 

Using neuroscience to develop exceptional human beings

Alan Watkins gave an illuminating insight into how his experiences as a physician and neuroscientist led him to start Complete, in order to expand the alleviation of suffering. By transferring his skills, Alan has been able to positively impact many more people. Showcasing how the Complete team challenges leaders to change, develop and accelerate to become exceptional human beings, Alan demonstrated that working at the forefront of advances in human development and academic research, ensures Complete’s methodology and approach are genuinely game-changing, using an approach that is integrated and sophisticated, and rooted in physiology and neuroscience. They work from the inside out – starting with energy and emotions – because it’s impossible to deliver real change unless you fix the core of who you are and what really drives you. Using a map and a play book, enables Complete to unlock new levels of capability in leaders, teams and organisations.

For more information on Complete, visit the website: