The Quality of Life Foundation

Interesting and inspiring were two of the words used by our members to describe our first talk at our February monthly meeting.

Professor Sadie Morgan OBE is the founding director of Stirling Prize winning architecture practice dRMM. She has had a long and illustrious career, playing a key role in advocacy of exemplary design and architecture, through her professional and advisory roles.

Sadie recently founded the Quality of Life Foundation, a UK charity aimed at raising people’s quality of life and wellbeing through the improvement of the built environment.

Sadie spoke to us about her previous experience and about the Quality of Life Foundation, and how those fundamental requirements can be incorporated into the built environment.

Thanks to Sadie for taking time out of her incredibly busy schedule to speak to us.

You can learn more about the Quality of Life Foundation here:

Building Pakistan’s capabilities and capacity in healthcare management

acumen7 kicked off 2022 with a fascinating insight into an initiative to build Pakistan’s capabilities and capacity in healthcare management. Member Robert Williams introduced Kashif Khan, the Executive in Residence for Healthcare at Suleman Dawood School of Business at Lahore University Management School (LUMS). The figures provided by Kashif set out the scale of the challenge presented by this initiative, which is vitally important to future improvements in healthcare management in Pakistan. The subsequent discussion revealed some of the members’ insights and possible connections that could help to provide some of the answers and/or solutions required to underpin the initiative’s success. acumen7 hopes to be kept informed of progress, given that a project such as this is of equal importance in other countries across the globe.    

For more information on LUMS, visit:

Technology to improve air quality

Bertrand Rotagnon of Carrier – a leading global provider of innovative HVAC and other automation technologies joined acumen7’s March session to explain that Carrier has developed technology to manage the air quality in buildings to ensure that they are healthy buildings. Poor air quality impacts individuals’ health and productivity, and of course is currently a focus given the pandemic as well. There are three elements to the technology – effectively an air purifier, an air source pump which also helps manage the moisture in the air and UV lighting. The system is effective at removing COVID-19 virus particles, amongst other things, from the air being brought into the building from outside. (It’s good news for hay fever sufferers too.) Further, there is a system that can manage entrances and exits, to ensure a building remains clean. This GPS technology has been available in the USA for the last 10 years and all of the technology can be retrofitted to existing buildings. Five hospitals in France are currently utilising it and it has also been rolled out across classrooms in the USA. There may also be the opportunity to install in on trains and underground systems, the latter being home to some of poorest air quality we breathe. 

For more information on Carrier, visit:

How businesses are responding to the current crisis

Three acumen7 members gave their initial observations on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on business. Robert Williams spoke about how many have responded to the crisis, Aecom’s Giles Price spoke about the logistics of returning to work in practice and Team Animation’s Donnie MacNicol revisited the Delivery Manifesto. 

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The UK ventilator challenge and what’s happening in the aerospace sector

Nick Goss, Lead Project Engineer at GKN Aerospace gave an overview of the UK Ventilator Challenge to assist with the current increase in use during the pandemic. Nick also spoke about what’s happening in the UK aerospace sector, what’s planned for the future, the importance of STEM in education and the value of apprenticeships compared with uni education and info on the eVTOL project. 

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Building the NHS Nightingale Hospital in nine days

acumen7 member Gary Sullivan is also the Commanding Officer at The Staff Corps 77th Brigade and Chairman of Wilson James. Gary specialises in Construction Logistics, Security, Supply Chain Development and Regeneration, and has over 30 years’ experience in the planning and operation of the logistics of complex critical infrastructure projects. In addition, Gary has served in the British Army and worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Gary helped to develop Wilson James from a standing start and they currently have 5,000 employees. Gary gave a confidential presentation around the transformation of the ExCeL into the new NHS Nightingale Hospital, which happened in just nine days.

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