Full Membership

Our full membership provides access to a unique network of individuals.

Why choose our full membership?

Full membership provides access to a unique network of individuals; monthly meetings focusing on innovative topics which drives leading edge and innovative thinking; away days and focus events with our business partners; mentoring opportunities for businesses and individuals. Membership supports the promotion of the collective interests of the members, contributing to the collective and individual success of members, guest speakers and mentees.

Trust and openness

All meetings are conducted in a spirit of openness and trust; vital components of acumen7’s success.


We continuously focus on increasing the network’s diversity, ensuring we build our strength, depth, thought leadership and transformational change credentials.

Large knowledge base

The bargain is the knowledge gained by members versus the value they can add.

How to become a member

Membership of acumen7 is by invitation only, via a current member’s recommendation or following a presentation to the network and subsequent approval by the Chair. 

Full members pay an initial joining fee and then an annual subscription, which can either be paid in full or by monthly standing order.

Please email enquiries@acumen7.com to enquire further.