Honorary Membership

Our Honorary Members are individuals appointed because of their extraordinary contributions to the acumen7 network

Criteria for Honorary membership

The award of Honorary Member is open to and is primarily designed for persons who have made an extraordinary contribution to acumen7.


The following criteria need to be met in order for an individual to be appointed:
  • Persons who have been long-term members, in excess of five years and/or
  • Persons who have consistently provided valued contributions to the group through the provision of speakers, leading and promoting workstream projects, introducing new members, promoting the value of the network through their own business contacts and contributing valued insights at regular monthly meetings and/or
  • Persons who have supported and contributed to ensuring the long-term future of the network, or who have been in positions of seniority on the Management Committee


Individuals do not need to meet all three criteria to be awarded Honorary status, but they should ordinarily meet at least two. 

How to nominate an Honorary Member


A potential recipient of an Honorary Membership may be nominated by any acumen7 member. Candidates need to exhibit the highest professional standards and should have made, or be anticipated to make, a substantial contribution to the work of acumen7 as detailed above.