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I am the founder and director of CCC-CHANGE, a company focused on helping organisations and their people create profit through purpose and human centric focus. I focus on change and industry innovation through Training, Personal Development, Teaming and Coaching. I gained my experience in project and change management within the Banking Sector, and later transferred these skills to the Construction Industry to assist with the adaption to digital transformation. Through this move, I saw the need for a focus on the human behaviours needed to drive forward successful digital transformations across all sectors. Wanting to offer my knowledge and expertise to this requirement, I continued my studies, focusing on coaching and personal development, and consequently founded CCC-CHANGE to create a space for my offerings. CCC-CHANGE is committed to making a positive impact in the Global workspace.

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My Skills Matrix

Construction and Infrastructure | Future of Work | Net Zero
  • Business Planning
  • Business Recovery Strategy
  • Transformation
  • Process Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership Management
  • Organisational Design
  • Restructuring
  • Training
        Mentoring and Coaching
        • Mentoring
        • Coaching