The acumen7 bargain is the knowledge gained by members versus the value they can add

Benefits of acumen7 membership

Our members’ experience and skill sets enable them to cut through to the core issues facing companies and individuals who come to us for advice and support. We provide unique insights that encompass all of the following:

  • Strategic insight into issues that are critical to developing businesses and projects.
  • Market insights into market structures, their drivers, competitors and identifying opportunities for collaboration.
  • Organisational insight into the factors that enable organisational effectiveness and the processes that underpin those requirements.
  • Project insight into the developing and delivering of projects and the factors that determine their success.

Types of Membership

Full Membership

Provides access to a unique network of individuals enabling the promotion of the collective interests of the members, contributing to the collective and individual success of members, guest speakers and mentees

Associate Membership

This is an opportunity offered to those individuals that acumen7 see as potential members in the future, but who are not in a position to join as full-time members. This includes younger professionals in the early stages of their careers

Honorary Membership

The award of Honorary Member is open to and primarily designed for persons who have made an extraordinary contribution to acumen7

What is included in acumen7 membership?

Many of our members hold non-executive directorships, sit on the management boards of public bodies and academic institutions, and run successful consultancies and companies. Through a culture of collective collaboration, members on occasion work together to provide a powerful team tailored to the assignment.

  • Access to a unique network of individuals providing constructive challenge, insight and support
  • Monthly meetings focusing on innovative and leading-edge thinking driven by the commercial value acumen7 members can provide to the business challenges presented
  • Away days, seminars and social events that provoke debate and enable networking opportunities
  • A safe and discreet environment where business challenges can be shared in confidence
  • All meetings are conducted in a spirit of openness, honesty and trust
  • Mentoring opportunities for individuals either as members or through the Associate member scheme
  • Inspiration from specialist advice and information on all key areas of business

        Why acumen7 mentoring matters

        acumen7 also act as mentors to many of those who approach us. The challenge for many organisations is to garner the expertise they require, whilst retaining the ownership and control of their business or project. They require business mentors who can provide challenge, and support from a position of experience and knowledge, who can operate at the highest level in the organisation and whose interests are entirely aligned with theirs.

        Our mentoring approach extends individuals at a step change in their career to develop and support their leadership potential. We have promoted this approach further through our Associate Member scheme.

        Joining the acumen7 network

        Many new members are introduced by existing members and have engaged with the network on previous occasions. Should a further discussion be welcome about the benefits of membership, please email and we would be delighted to arrange a further conversation.