At acumen7’s June virtual meeting, Maria Lambides of Alpha Phronesis explored the importance of alignment, and the value and impact it can have on an organisation. Maria revealed how misalignment between internal perceptions and customer results can lead to wasted resources, poor decision-making and under-achievement. It can be a case of too much data and not enough insights. 74% of businesses want to be data driven, but only 29% are successful at connecting analytics to action. The solution is to align the organisation around the customer understanding and the choices they make. Maria then showcased a study of a company, where Alpha Phronesis helped to define their competitive advantage, leading to a substantial increase in sales.

Maria also presented the results of a survey of current and potential acumen7 members to establish high importance factors and if there were any unmet needs. Two key strengths of the network emerged as its culture of trust, respect and willingness to support, and that it is a forum for agile thinking.

The second session of the meeting looked at how organisations can engender a strong company culture, now that many interactions are taking place over virtual platforms. The discussions acknowledged that with this set to be a key part of working life for the foreseeable future, it is important to look at the issue in relation to existing staff as well as new recruits, to ensure that everyone is aligned with the organisation’s culture.

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