Bertrand Rotagnon of Carrier – a leading global provider of innovative HVAC and other automation technologies joined acumen7’s March session to explain that Carrier has developed technology to manage the air quality in buildings to ensure that they are healthy buildings. Poor air quality impacts individuals’ health and productivity, and of course is currently a focus given the pandemic as well. There are three elements to the technology – effectively an air purifier, an air source pump which also helps manage the moisture in the air and UV lighting. The system is effective at removing COVID-19 virus particles, amongst other things, from the air being brought into the building from outside. (It’s good news for hay fever sufferers too.) Further, there is a system that can manage entrances and exits, to ensure a building remains clean. This GPS technology has been available in the USA for the last 10 years and all of the technology can be retrofitted to existing buildings. Five hospitals in France are currently utilising it and it has also been rolled out across classrooms in the USA. There may also be the opportunity to install in on trains and underground systems, the latter being home to some of poorest air quality we breathe. 

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