We are a unique network of senior executives, independent consultants and like-minded professionals

acumen7 delivers value and learning to business leaders by providing
impartial advice to tackle societal and business challenges through
the collective expertise of the network.

Inspiring and provoking leading edge thinking to address business challenges

Our objective is to provoke ideas, inspire leading-edge thinking, stimulate innovation, and explore and develop business opportunities for those who wish to pursue them.

A network of networkers

“acumen7 was formed in 2003 by 7 founding members. We came together with the aim of both supporting each other, and offering our skills and experience to businesses, organisations and individuals. As an invitation-only network, we have maintained a high calibre membership and thus as a ‘network of networkers’, we have a wide breadth of expertise at our fingertips.”

Simon Pratt, acumen7 Founder

Construction and Infrastructure

The UK is facing unparalleled economic challenges and cannot afford to keep producing some of the most expensive assets. We challenge the industry: “In whose interest is it to change/to not change?”

Future of Work

How companies are coping in a post-Covid world; the change in work patterns; the hybrid workplace model; the future of office space; purposeful organisations and leadership challenges

Mentoring and Coaching

acumen7 members act as mentors to many. We do this both for individual members who seek a mentor and for organisations and individuals we are engaged with

Net Zero

What is required to enable us to meet the challenging Net Zero target set by Government for 2050, including small nuclear reactors, biomass fuels and low carbon construction materials

Why be an acumen7 member?

acumen7 is a unique network whose members wish to share their collective wisdom, diverse perspectives and challenging norms to provide support to businesses through the unparalleled depth and breadth of the network.

acumen7 provides strategic challenge in a variety of ways. We act as independent advisors to businesses and organisations, tackling specific assignments at a high level. Members often provide more general support to senior management in these situations. We also act as mentors to many of those who approach us with their challenges. We plan to extend this further through our Associate membership scheme.

Companies that have presented to or worked with acumen7 recently

Our guest speakers come to us from a myriad of sectors and experiences. Many have influential roles in the sectors we focus on: Net Zero, the Future of Work, and innovation in construction and infrastructure. The challenges presented and the debates that ensue are transparent, honest and open; these being vital components of acumen7’s success.